RI Historic Tax Credit program once again in jeopardy

Grow Smart rallies a coalition to consider reforms that will safeguard the program’s many benefits

Backers of the popular program include the business community, municipal leaders, preservationists, and environmental and affordable housing advocates. Still, Rhode Island’s nationally acclaimed historic tax credit program is once again a target due to the short term fiscal concerns of some state policymakers.

Since the program is widely recognized as one of the most effective economic development and neighborhood revitalization tools in decades, Grow Smart is committed to working with its allies to propose reform measures that address state leaders’ concerns while maintaining the tax credit program’s many statewide economic, social and environmental benefits.

Our vast collection of historic buildings and the stimulus available to rehab them provide Rhode Island with one of the relatively few competitive economic advantages over our neighboring states. This is far too great an advantage to risk losing.

View a summary of our Fiscal & Economic Impact Analysis of the tax credit program.